Treads On Threads

Our Adventurous Mission and message from designer, Robbie Kaye.


Treads is our rubber soul.

As a kid, I loved riding motorcycles. As an adult, I love being on their backs, wind in my face and the thrill of going fast. Now I create and paint designs with motorcycle tires. As I create each design, I know the tire has been somewhere amazing. I imagine a ride to  somewhere beautiful and exhilarating; then I feel exhilarated too as I imprint my own life with this evolving adventure. Whether I am creating designs or making fine art with motorcycle tires, I feel as though I’ve just completed another great ride on that wide-open road.

You can view my photography and other projects on my website at Please connect and follow me on the web, I’d love to connect with you as we share this adventure and tread boldly together!